Latest Information on the suspect

The FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) has been involved in the case since July, 2012 and has offered it's assistance to investigators throughout the past two years.  The below listed information as opinions based upon information available up until July 17, 2014 and assumes that the information provided in the case is valid and complete.  Certain aspects of these opinions may be subject to modification or change, depending upon any new information that becomes available in the future.

The following items are possible characteristics the suspect may have, however should not be considered factual and the suspect or suspects may or may not possess one or all of the characteristics described here.

  • The offender most likely acted upon an opportunity to abduct Lyric and Elizabeth when they were seen in the Evansdale area. 

  • The offender is familiar with both Meyers Lake/Angels Park in Evansdale and Seven Bridges Wildlife Area in Bremer County.  The offender specifically chose Seven Bridges Wildlife Area because of the offender’s familiarity with the area and the fact that it afforded the offender privacy needed to commit the crimes with limited risk of detection by others.

  • The offender likely used some form of “quiet coercion” to garner Elizabeth and Lyric’s initial compliance in leaving the park.  This could have involved communication of a ruse or threats of violence.

  • The offender blends in with and may be a part of the Evansdale, Bremer and surrounding communities.  It is unlikely that the offender is a transient or someone who was merely traveling or “passing through” the area.

  • The offender may have experienced stressors in the offender’s life in the time period leading up to July 13th, 2012.  These stressors may have included legal problems, psychological/mental health difficulties, conflict(s) with their significant other or spouse, employment difficulties or financial strain.

  • The offender is likely following any media reports regarding the investigation but may deliberately avoid discussions with others about the case or any public display of interest about the investigation.

  • The offender may have attempted abductions in the past and these attempts may have involved minor or adult victims.

  • In the time period following July 13, 2012, the offender may have made attempts to alter the appearance of the offender’s vehicle.  This may have involved cleaning the interior or exterior of the vehicle or permanently changing the appearance through painting or re-upholstery.

  • In the time period following July 13, 2012, the offender may have made attempts to alter the offender’s physical appearance to include, changing hair style/color, growing/removing facial hair, etc.

BAU case experience indicates that the vast majority of these types of offenses are committed by one offender.  However, there are cases in which more than one offender was involved in some part of the criminal act.  Therefore, the public is strongly encouraged to contact law enforcement with any suspicion involving a single offender, multiple offenders or any individual they are suspicious of -- whether or not the person possesses any of the characteristics mentioned above.

This information is being released to the public in hopes it will assist the public to remember specific   activities/characteristics of individuals around the date of the girls abduction and report it to investigators. 

 The public is warned to take no action on their own based upon these characteristics but are asked to report their suspicions to law enforcement so they may be properly investigated and individual’s rights protected.